6 Reasons a Lunch Buffet Is Better Than Your Brown Bag

Who’s hungry? At India Gate Restaurant, we serve lunch buffet-style every weekday from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Go ahead, fill up your plate, there’s plenty more where that came from! Here are five reasons we think a buffet lunch is better than your boring brown bag.

  1. It’s endless. The best part about a buffet is simply that—it’s a buffet. That means your eating can be endless and your eyes as big as your stomach. Pace yourself and keep going back for more, that’s the point after all!
  1. Try it all. See something you want to try, but don’t want a full plate before you’ve tasted it? That’s the beauty of a buffet. Unlike a regular menu, you can try as many different foods as you want and decide what you like. Sample everything, leave what you don’t like, then go back for your favorites!
  1. It’s fast. The worst part about going to a restaurant is the wait between ordering and when your food comes. With a buffet, your food is instant and wait time is eliminated. That’s why we serve a lunch buffet at India Gate—so that you can enjoy delicious Indian cuisine with plenty of time on your break.
  1. Full sampling. A buffet showcases most or all of what’s on the regular menu, so it’s a great chance to make your own sample platter. You can try everything from the restaurant’s appetizers, main courses, sides, signature dishes and desserts.
  1. No decisions necessary. The most stressful part of dining out is what to order. It’s always a big decision to decide what to get. With a buffet, there is no need to be decisive because you can have it all.
  1. It’s fun! Buffet-style dining is exciting. It allows you to move around the restaurant, decide what you want to go back for next, and see exactly what you’re getting. You can pick your portion sizes, observe all the options, and serve yourself.

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  1. I've been wanting to find a good way to get a lot of food in the afternoon. I didn't know that you could get a lunch buffet like this! It looks really tasty, too. Thank you for sharing!

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