Authentic Indian Desserts

After the spicy, savory meal you’ve just enjoyed at the best Indian restaurant in Bellevue, you’ll want something sweet for dessert! India Gate offers scrumptious authentic Indian desserts and sweets to eat after your full meal – you will not want to skip dessert when you dine here!

The Indian version of dumplings, called Gulab Jamun, is a must-try! Gulab Jamun is made from milk solids that are kneaded into dough and deep fried before being soaked in a tasty sugar syrup.

Kheer – another specialty at our Bellevue Indian restaurant – is a South Asian rice pudding dessert that is usually reserved for special occasions, and dining at India Gate is certainly special!

India Gate is proud to offer our very own kulfi as well, which is a homemade ice cream. Aside from our traditional kulfi, we go a step further to make our house-favorite Rose Coconut Almond ice cream. And we have plain vanilla ice cream if you prefer to keep things simple.

Are you a cheesecake lover? Order the Ras Malai – it’s often been called ‘cheesecake without the crust’, because it is a sugary, creamy dessert made with cheese and simmering milk cream. The balls of paneer (homemade cheese) are dropped malai (clotted cream) and flavored with cardamom for a rich, delicious Indian dessert.

We look forward to offering you a sweet finish to your visit to India Gate.




Gulab Jamun (3)
Kheer (Rice pudding)
Kulfi (Homemade ice cream)
Vanilla Ice Cream
Ras Malai
Rose Coconut Almond Fruit Ice Cream

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