Meat Entrees

Traditional Indian Meat Entrees

Exotic spices and seasonings, fresh hand-selected vegetables, and quality meat and seafood are presented in a wide selection on our menu of meat-based entrées. Classic Indian food dishes are offered with India Gate’s traditional method of preparation. Choose from favorites like Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Lamb Vindaloo, Tandoori Prawns, and Rack of Lamb, or enjoy something that you’ve never tried before.

From chicken, to lamb and even cod and prawns, our meat entrée menu offers selection and incredible flavors to try. Curries, authentic Indian sauces, and delicious spices and ingredients, together, make each dish a journey to savor and enjoy.



Chicken Tikka Masala - Chicken breast cooked in creamy tomato butter sauce with cashews

Chicken Korma - Chicken cooked in creamy onion gravy with cashews

Butter Chicken - Shredded Tandoori chicken in creamy tomato butter sauce

Ginger Chicken - Chicken with ginger & spices in a classic curry sauce

Chicken Curry - The classic chicken curry

Chicken Saag - Chicken and creamy spinach in spices

Karahi Chicken - Chicken with bell peppers and onions with spicy sauce

Chicken Coconut Curry - Chicken in a unique combo of coconut creamy sauce & fresh cilantro

Chicken Vindaloo - Chicken and potatoes in a spicy curry sauce

Chili Chicken - Chicken pieces cooked in tomato-chili sauce

Chicken Jalfrazi - Fresh Vegetables and chicken with spices

Jeera chicken - Chicken with cumin seeds & spices in a classic curry sauce



Lamb Karahi - Cubes of boneless Lamb cooked with bell peppers, onions, & tomatoes with spices

Lamb Tikka Masala - Cubes of boneless lamb in creamy tomato butter sauce with cashews

Lamb Saag - Cubes of boneless Lamb cooked with spinach and spices

Lamb Coconut Curry - Cubes of boneless Lamb in creamy coconut sauce

Lamb Curry - Cubes of boneless Lamb cooked in classic curry sauce with spices

Lamb Vindaloo - Cubes of boneless Lamb cooked with potatoes in spicy curry sauce

Achari Lamb - Cubes of boneless Lamb cooked in tangy pickle sauce

Lamb Korma - Creamy cashews sauce with cubes of boneless lamb

Lamb Meatball - Homemade lamb meatballs in tomato butter sauce

Lamb Jalfrazi - Cubes of lamb with fresh vegetables



Chicken-E-Indiagate - Tandoori chicken with spices

Tandoori Chicken - Marinated in yogurt, ginger and garlic

Chicken Tikka - Cubes of chicken breast marinated in spices

Lamb Seekh Kabaab - Minces lamb mixed with onion, herbs & spices

Tandoori Prawns - Prawns marinated in spices

Lamb Tikka - Cubes of lamb marinated in spices

Tandoori Mixed Grill - Prawns, Lamb, Chicken

Hariyali Kabaab - Chicken marinated in mint, yogurt with spices

Rack of Lamb - Marinated with yogurt, garlic, and with spices


Fish Coconut Curry - Cubes of Cod fish in a creamy coconut sauce

Fish Vindaloo - Fish & potatoes in a hot spicy curry sauce

Fish Curry - Cod fish with classic curry

Prawn Coconut Curry - Prawns in creamy coconut sauce

Prawn Karahi - Cooked in onions, tomatoes & green bell peppers in a spicy sauce

Prawn Korma - Prawns in a creamy cashews sauce

Prawn Masala - Prawns cooked in tomato butter sauce

Prawn Saag - Cooked in creamed spinach

Prawn Vindaloo - Prawns & potatoes in a spicy curry sauce

Prawn Curry - Prawns with classic curry sauce

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