Traditional Indian Starters

The sweetness of mango chutney, cozy familiarity of chicken soup, and flavorful deliciousness of pakora or samosa… Our menu of starters and side dishes offers incredible tastes of cultural cuisine.

Dine on the flavors of India!

Start your meal with delectable appetizers including classic choices such as soup or salad, and special Indian restaurant food dishes like pakora and samosa. Many of the Indian food appetizers we serve are also vegetarian and/or gluten-free, to appeal to a wide range of dietary restrictions.

Our Bellevue restaurant, India Gate, is known for authentic Indian cuisine that is cooked and served with traditional style and flavors. The delicious appetizers we serve are made in the genuine northern Indian methods that have been developed over hundreds of years of Indian culture and history.




Tomato Soup

Chicken Soup

Daal Soup (Yellow lentils)



Mango Chutney (Sweet)

Papadums (3 Lentil wafers with spices)

Achaar (Mixed Pickles)

Basmati Rice

Raita (Homemade yogurt with fresh grated cucumber and spices)

Green Salad (Fresh Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes)



Onion Bhaji - Sliced onions dipped in gram flour batter and fried*

Paneer Pakora - Homemade cheese dipped in gram flour batter and fried*

Vegetable Pakora - Deep fried mixed vegetable fritters*

Mushroom Pakora - Mushrooms dipped in gram flour and deep fried*

Vegetable Samosa - 2 samosas stuffed with spiced potatoes & Peas

Assorted Vegetarian Appetizer Platter - 2 Samosas, vegetarian Pakoras & Gobi Pakora

Chili Pakora - Green chilies dipped in gram flour and deep fried*

Gobi Pakora - Cauliflower dipped in gram flour and deep fried*

Samosa Chaat - 2 Samosas with garbanzo beans, onions, tomatoes & yogurt



Chicken Pakora - Chicken pieces coated with garbanzo batter*

Lamb Samosa - 2 turnovers stuffed with special ground lamb

Fish Pakora - Cubes of cod fish coated with garbanzo batter*

Assorted Non-Vegetarian Appetizer Platter - Vegetarian Samosa, lamb Samosa, chicken & vegetarian Pakoras

Chili Chicken Pakora - Boneless chicken with sautéed onions & bell peppers

*Gluten-free items

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