Naan: The Bread of India

Sometimes the best part of a meal is what comes on the side. For many, that is the case with Indian cuisine because of the irresistible naan. The bread of India is gooey, warm, and oh-so addicting. At India Gate restaurant, our authentic Northern Indian cuisine wouldn’t be complete without traditional, delicious naan to accompany each meal. We have a variety of types to choose from as listed below—feel free to mix and match if you can’t pick just one! Our most popular naans are Paneer Kulcha (homemade cheese filling) and Garlic Naan, which also contains flavorful cilantro.

Naan: leavened bread

Kashmiri Naan: sweet, stuffed with nuts, raisins and cherries

Alu Kulcha: stuffed with mashed potatoes and peas

Keema Kulcha: leavened bread stuffed with spiced lamb

Paneer Kulcha: stuffed with homemade cheese

Onion Kulcha: stuffed with onions and spices

Tandoori Roti: whole wheat bread

Garlic Naan: naan with garlic and cilantro

Poori: whole wheat deep fried bread

Bhatoora: deep-fried naan

Spinach Kulcha: stuffed with spinach and spices

Naan is a leavened flatbread that is baked in a tandoori oven and served warm. Leavening refers to a chemical agent added to the dough that incorporates air bubbles in the cooking process, leaving the baked product light and airy. The basic ingredients of naan are wheat flour, water, yeast, and cooking fat such as butter, with extra add-ins depending on cultural recipes and varieties. Spices or raisins can be added to the batter, it can be topped with meat or vegetables, or can be used for dipping.

This bubbly flatbread can be traced back to the Middle East and remains a staple food item in West, Central and South Asian areas. The versions that have been introduced in Western countries are generally from the South Asian/Indian varieties. It is eaten with your hands either plain, as a wrap, or even as pizza dough. No matter how you enjoy your naan, this versatile starch is a crucial part of traditional Northern Indian cuisine.

Join us at India Gate Bellevue for some of the Seattle area’s yummiest naan. Contact us to place a take-out order, make a reservation, or simply walk on in!

 Featured photo from Wikimedia Commons.

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