Something Sweet: India Gate Desserts

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert! At India Gate Restaurant, we have an array of delicious and authentic treats to top off your meal. After your spicy and savory dishes, it’s time to top it off with something sweet! We look forward to offering you an indulgent finish to your visit at India Gate. Trust us, you’ll be glad you didn’t skip dessert.

Our dessert menu is as follows:

Gulab Jamun: Love dumplings? Then you have to try Gulab Jamun! This Indian version of a dumpling is made from milk solids that are kneaded into dough and deep fried, then soaked in a sweet sugar syrup. Our serving comes with three melt-in-your-mouth pieces, but you may just want to order more to take home!

Kheer: This is one of our house specialties. Kheer is a South Asian rice pudding made from rice, wheat, tapioca, milk, sugar, Indian spice cardamom, raisins, saffron, and assorted nuts. Kheer is traditionally eaten during special occasions, which is why we serve it—because your visit to India Gate is special!

Kulfi: We are excited to present to you our very own kulfi, a homemade ice cream. This popular frozen dairy dessert is commonly known to be the traditional Indian Subcontinent ice cream. Our house favorite flavor (a must-try!) is rose coconut almond fruit. We also offer a simple and delicious vanilla.

Ras Malai: If you love cheesecake, this is the dessert for you. Otherwise known as ‘cheesecake without the crust,’ this sugary and creamy dessert is made with cheese and simmering milk cream. It is made with paneer, our homemade cheese, that is rolled into balls and dropped into malai, a clotted cream. The treat is then flavored with the spice cardamom for a rich, yummy top off to your meal.


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