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Great Food Guys

tom    June 30, 2015   Bellevue   

Im sorry to hear about the fire. I hope repairs are going well and you can be back up running soon! I cant bring myself to try another indian restaurant. You guys are the best! Thank you for many many years of excellent service. 🙂

Alli    August 16, 2014   Mercer Island   

Good to see you guys back in business. Will visit you guys soon. 

Vikas    August 16, 2014   Renton   

I heard the place is shut down in all the buildings there due to fire damaged. This is my favorite Indian restaurant and was wondering if when or where will you open again?

Tony    December 16, 2013   Issaquah   

Consistent high quality in both food and service. Well-kept restaurant with clean bathrooms and attentive servers. Nicely-enhanced with available ice-water and soft-serve ice cream. Family groups regularly hold private parties here as well. A top Indian restaurant on the eastside.

John and Jullie    December 16, 2013   Bellevue   

Gobi and Inder, Hope you are doing well. When is the restaurant opening back? - Your friend, Ameet

Ameet    December 16, 2013   Bellevue   

My favorite!

Jonci    December 16, 2013   Bellevue   

Best Indian food I've had in Seattle. You could add more items to your menu though.

Neeti    October 13, 2013   Issaquah   

food is just greattttttttttttt... love this place.

Teg    September 26, 2013   Kent   

My boyfriend and I come here twice a week probably. It is the best Indian food around by far. The service is also outstanding. We love that it is a family restaurant as well.

Madeline    August 26, 2013   Issaquah   

Good food and i enjoyed my time.

Jacob    August 26, 2013   Bellevue   

We ordered take out (our first time using your restaurant) a couple weeks ago. It was all very delicious!

Nancy    March 3, 2013   Bellevue   

Best Indian food on the east side!!! Amazing food!

Stephanie Abdulkader    March 3, 2013   Sammamish   

Came all the way from England excellent staff and food.would recommend it to anyone who loves Indian food!!

Nav Kayr    October 30, 2012   England   

Having dined at several indian restaurants on the east side, I can safely say this is the best! Just had coconut curried chicken...wow! Tasty balance of spices and flavor with being too salty or oily. Just brilliant.

James and Katrina    February 28, 2012   Bellevue   

Best Restaurant with lot of humanity in each heart

Sky    February 6, 2012   Bellevue   

Great food, one of the nicest restaurants on the eastside!

Ria    September 2, 2011   Seattle   

one of the best place to eat. no doubt.

Simran Sodi    September 2, 2011   Kirkland   

One of the best indian dining facilities on the eastside...actually, it's even better than the indian food i've had in vancouver and in scotland (british colonies that have alot of indian immigrants). Seriously, they have a great lunch buffet and food is great. it helps that i only live 2 miles away of the 6 or so indian restaurants i've dined at on the eastside, this is the best!

James    June 5, 2011   Bellevue   

India Gate is by far the best Indian Restaurant in the state of Washington. I have been to about 10 other places and no place else compares. Their lamb somosas and chicken tikka masala are to die for and the service could not be more attentive or friendly.

Greg Troeger    April 7, 2011   Bellevue   

My Favorite Indian restaurant EVER. Delicious

K.L    October 20, 2010   Bellevue   

Best Punjabi food I ever had best ambience best service

Shweta    October 4, 2010   New Jersey   

Excellent food. And thanks for playing Indian music!

G    April 3, 2010   Bellevue   

I recently moved from Seattle to the eastside and found India Gate. I eat Indian food at restaurants all over Seattle and India Gate has become one of my favorites. The lunch buffet has an exceptional variety of dishes and is very well prepared. The servers are friendly and efficient.

Cynthia    March 2, 2010   Bellevue   

I eat at your place every time I stay in Bellevue. Everything we get is awesome. The cheese naan with mint chutney always accompanies my main dish. I grew up in Nebraska and frequented The Oven in Lincoln and The Jaipur in Omaha so I know good Indian food. The wait staff is super. I am one satisfied customer, well not right now cause I don't have lamb korma in my belly.

Tracy Cameron    February 7, 2010   Bozeman, MT   

I have been coming to your restaurant for several years and for some reason the dishes with cream in the sauce have been getting overly rich and have very little meat or other fillings. Several friends have also told me the same thing. The examples are Saag Paneer, Tikka Masala, and the Korma dishes. Otherwise the service is great!

Mike Florian    January 25, 2010   Newcastle   

Excellent food & service. This is our favorite Indian restaurant, and we've tasted many throughout the Seattle/Tacoma area.The lunch buffet also tops all others we've tried.

Holly    December 26, 2009   Snoqualmie   

This is one of our favorite restaurants. The food is always fantastic and the waiters are always so pleasant and friendly. We would highly recommend it.

The Kertsons    December 6, 2009   Issaquah   

Wonderful indian dining; great food at a good price. the lunch buffet is an awesome bargain.

James    October 28, 2009   Bellevue   

I have been going to India Gate for a few years now. Their lunch buffet is amazing and has many choices. They do take out buffet which if my favorite because I only have so much time to get to East Gate then back to school. I have never had a bad experience there. The waiters are really nice and welcoming. Thank you for such good service.

Alli    October 19, 2009   Mercer Island   

Great food, especially the tikka masala, egg plant, okra, even roti, naan are good. Their rice is always well cooked unlike some other Indian places. Its been our favorite place for over 4 years. They do know Indian food as they use the authentic cooking help. Overall, a great place to spend your evening. A little expensive, but worth it for quality. Service is a little slow, sometimes, but good.

Ani P    October 17, 2009   Bellevue   

I love this place, amazing food, great service and always consistent. Kudos to you guys.

Joyeeta    October 4, 2009   Issaquah   

On vacation, hotel near India Gate, saw reviews on yelp.com and urbanspoon.com. Food was VERY GOOD. We had chicken korma - wish it was all white meat - and a custom dish of vegetables with a tikka masala sauce. Even the kids loved it. Thanks for helping our vacation to the Pacific NW great.

G Price    June 3, 2009   Austin TX   

Mouth-watering n delicious food!! I like to come here again n again with friends n family. The hospitality and the ambiance is really something to talk about. Three cheers to the chef!!!

Kim    May 16, 2009   Mercer Island   

The food was great...such good service as well...i sure will be making many more trips back to India Gate....

Jassy    April 5, 2009   CA   

The Chicken Tikka Masala was excellent- I liked it more with each bite. The Naan was also good, great texture for scooping up the delicious sauce. We did not like the curry as much, but to each their own. We wish you were open on Sundays.

Lily    April 5, 2009   Bellevue   

The food was great, I really liked the variety of the menu, The sevice was excellent, Buffet is fast and delicious, Great dining experience. Highly Recommended A+++++

Bobby Dhillon    October 26, 2008   Fresno, CA   

Very much recommend to anyone who wants to have great food with great service.

Bee    August 27, 2008   Bellevue   

One of the best in the country. Friendly, attentive and good atmosphere.

GB    August 26, 2008   Philly   

We frequent India Gate for lunch and its really good. Very good service along with good food provides an awesome combination. No long waits during lunch buffet really helps!

Krish    August 1, 2008   Bellevue   

India Gate offers excellent food and service at reasonable prices. Authentic, yet choices for everyone, this restaurant has been our favorite since moving to the area last year. Highly recommended!!

Nick    July 30, 2008   Bellevue   

Excellent food

Ajisah    February 18, 2008   Seattle