Try Something New This Year at India Gate Restaurant

A new year brings opportunity to try new things, to create new experiences, to make positive lifestyle changes. Make 2015 the year you branch out and do something different! Do your New Years resolutions involve trying something new or branching out from your daily routine? Check these things off your list at India Gate Restaurant in Bellevue! Our authentic Indian Cuisine will allow you to experience the flavors of India without the travel time, and expose you to dishes you may have never tried. Spice up your eating habits this year with a new culinary experience. Here are five dishes to try at India Gate this year: 

Paneer Kulcha: naan bread stuffed with homemade cheese

Is pizza your favorite food? Are you a picky eater that may have never stepped out of your food comfort zone? Not to worry, because Indian food can appeal to even the pickiest of eaters. Our paneer kulcha is sure to be enjoyed by Italian food lovers, kids, and those who don’t like their vegetables. This delicious naan bread is stuffed with homemade cheese—the Indian version of cheesy bread! Yum!

Eggplant Bhartha: baked and mashed eggplant with green peas and spices

Attention vegetarians: don’t settle for the lame options most restaurants give you, like salad, salad and more salad. Indian food is a vegetarian’s dream! Our extensive vegetarian menu includes a wide variety of options that will make even the biggest meat lovers jealous. Try our eggplant bhartha with a side of naan for a unique meal you can’t find just anywhere in Seattle.

Tandoori chicken: marinated in yogurt, ginger and garlic

Meat lovers will find their haven in our meat entrees menu. Whether you fancy lamb, chicken or seafood, India Gate prepares these dishes in authentic Northern Indian style. This year you MUST try our tandoori chicken, a classic. You may never want to eat chicken cooked any other way!

Join us at India Gate Restaurant this year to try something new and taste the incredible flavors of Northern India right in Bellevue!

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